Chasa Ajüz is centrally located in an old village square in the historic part of lower Scuol, in proximity to the church and the local museum.

Here, you don’t need to buy your mineral water, you can bottle it yourself at the square’s mineral fountain. Bread doesn’t come from the supermarket – if desired, the local baker delivers it right to your doorstep.

Basic supplies can be purchased from the local store, also located right across the street. Guests of Chasa Ajüz will receive a discount on their purchases. Paying methods are modern and include cash, debit or credit card.

The local bus stop Scuol Plaz is right at your doorstep and connects you to the world. This bus ride is free of charge during the winter season.

Scuol and the lower Engadine
Our region will strike you with its breathtaking, idyllic mountain landscape, far from hectic mainstream tourism. While quiet and remote, it has a lot to offer:

Culture: history begins right at the doorstep of Chasa Ajüz. On the nearby hill, surrounded by historic Engadine-style buildings, you can visit the protestant church St. Geer, first documented in 1178. The regional museum Museum d’Engiadina Bassa invites you to a visit at the bottom of the church hill. Also recommended are the museum of contemporary art NAIRS as well as the Tarasp Castle, recently acquired by internationally renowned artist Not Vital.

Sports: We can’t think of many sports that you won’t be able to indulge in in the region:
Year round: Indoor tennis, indoor ice skating and ice hockey, indoor pool 25 meters (250 feet), horseback riding
Summer: Tennis, golf, mountainbike, horseback riding, soccer, outdoor pools, river rafting, canoeing, hiking, fin ground, paragliding
Winter: skiing, snowboarding, snowboard park, ice skating and ice hockey, curling, Bavarian curling (without the broom), ice climbing, winter hiking trails.

The local sports facilities with a soccer field, tennis courts, indoor ice rink and fin ground are only a 10 minute walk away.

Additional experiences
The thermal spa Bogn Engiadina with its saunas, hamams, grottos; mineral water fountains, sledding, outdoors ice skating path, high wire park … to name just a few.

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Plan your staying  
We are happy to assist you in planning your holiday.  If you want to look over the shoulder of a beekeeper or cheese maker, if you want to observe wildlife or if you want to offer culture-historical education experiences in our wonderful region, we have the right contacts for you.
Craftcourses during your stay offers „pro manufacta engiadina“  in a wide and exciting range. This can also be put together individually for you.