Prices are in Swiss Francs per night, including cleaning fee, bed and kitchen linen

new: summer and winter uniform tariff
Children until the age of 20 CHF 18 (from Dec. 11. 2021 on CHF 19)
Adults as of 20 years of age CHF 27 (from Dec. 11. 2021 on CHF 28)


Minimum/ Maximum rental price:
Minimum price per reservationweek: CHF 2000 excl. additional fees, min. 30 persons x number of nights in calendar weeks 52, 01, 05-10, 27-31
Maximum price per reservationweek: CHF 5500 excl. additional fees

Chasa Ajüz can be rented for weekends or events without accomodation at a flat rate of CHF 300. This rate includes use of kitchen, dining room and back yard.

Additional fees:
Electricity according to meter (approx. CHF 60-CHF 80 per week)
Heating according to meter (approx. CHF 80 per week during summer months and approx. CHF 280 per week during winter months)
Trash CHF 10 per day or short term stay
VAT of 3.8%

Tourism tax
Tourism tax applies to guests as of 12 years of age
CHF 2.80 per night
CHF 5.00 per night from dec. 11, 2021, use of public transport in the valley included